The library offers limited genealogy searches, such as obituary requests,  for a minimum fee of $8.00 to cover staff time and copying.  Search requests should be made in writing and either mailed or sent by e-mail to the library.  See Contact Us.  Payment to the library is required to receive the information by mail or scan.
Microfilm may be viewed in the library’s reference/genealogy room.  Most of the genealogy collection is listed below, but recent additions include Lawrence County News microfilm starting January 1909 to December 1962.  The Daily Record microfilm is updated every 6 months (current year). 

 Library Genealogy Materials List

Ancestry Library Edition


Other Community Resources:

Lawrence County Historical  Society 

The County Clerk’s Office has death records going back to 1878.  For more information contact: 
County Clerk’s Office
Lawrence County Courthouse
1100 State Street
Lawrenceville, IL  62439  
(618) 943-2346.